If you want to develop a mobile website on smartphone (Web-app) , mobile applications on iPhone, Adroid, Windows or on iPad, Android, Windows tablets, you can trust us with your projects like many other clients have done so far.

Discover numbers of our customers in all industries (media, entertainment, tourism, bank, insurance, industries, etc.) and check the great varieties of functions and expertise we have so far achieved.


Wayma experts can help you start your projects and proceed with excellent methodologies accumulated in years of application development. We can enhance your project in strategy, usability, design, UI and many other ways via various technologies. (GPS, navigation, NFC-RFID, etc.)

Realize your project with us

How long does it take to develop a mobile site or an application ?

How to publish/distribute it ?

Post advertisements on mobile websites or in applications ?

Use an ad server already existing? Adverting management? In which form ( spelling, full page, banner….)?

We have answers to all of your questions.

We accompany you all the way to the delivery of your project.

Wayma evangelist

Applications embedded on mobile have been around us for decades of year, but not until the invention of Apple’s iPhone and the well known AppStore has it been realized that the criteria of the mobile market have never been so well accepted so that many unbelievable business successes can be forged since the middle of 2008.

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