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Wayma started to create and realize mobile sites since 2006 … So we have acquired many years of experience in mobile projects and we were already several years more in advance when HTML 5 and web technologies-kit were not available to make mobile sites.

arrow1Our experts in mobile sites have adopted WAP (wireless application protocol) in 2000. Since then, we have acquired great knowledge in technology, ergonomics and graphics related to mobile sites.

mouseWe were among the pioneers in Europe to offer a platform for creating mobile sites in a few minute with a CMS (content management service) with just a mouse in 2006.

settingsThat’s why our teams are with you today in the design and implementation of innovative mobile sites, performance based on advanced technologies: html 5, javascript, jquery mobile safari web-kit, PhoneGap, Sencha

Wayma has many references of universal mobile sites (all compatible mobile) or in their advanced versions in html5, or web-app / smartphone.

We may help you in all the different steps of a mobile project:

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