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The m-couponing (discount coupons on mobile phones and tablets) has become something inevitable in your marketing strategy which aims at the amelioration of your store, generation of its visits or increase of your clients’ loyalty.

This solution effectively replaces the traditional campaign of communication. The return usage rate is 15% against 3% of that of traditional coupons.

One way of ensuring success is, of course, to respect consumers by adhering to rules of “marketing permission” which requires a prospect or a client’s authorization to send them marketing information through their mobile telephones.

For the websites or the other digital channels, you have to go through all the procedures in respect of the local privacy laws.

Once these rules are followed, your customers will have simple access to all the reduction. They will feel confident and attracted.

Contact us, get one demonstration and take the plunge: our m-coupon not only solves all the technical problems but also allows you to concentrate on the key point of your strategy: sales, products and services.

With our solution, you can have millions of coupons at your disposal within just a few hours and you can distribute them and follow your campaign with the help of integrated tracking tools and a number of timely reports.

You or your resellers will never have to invest in any specific material so that the m-coupons can be read in magazines.

A simple click on the cash machine, bar code reader, QR codes or even a simple click on the customers’ cell phones can allow the activation of the coupons.


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