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According to our experience from numbers of times of cooperation with our clients, we have come to the conclusion that it is, very often, difficult to express clearly all the details of one idea, one concept and one project. The brief concept or specifications often boil down to one idea and the demands are only based on the concepts, website sites or applications viewed somewhere else.

However, you have your own constraints and wish to be different.

At this stage, it is difficult to have an estimation of the quotation or rough budget without functional specifications or technical details. Generally, it could be the beginning of depression, unpleasant surprises of evolution during the time of development and your budget is likely to be spent without taking the organizational, strategic or hierarchical impact into consideration.

That’s why Wayma decides to propose the Story Board package. It allows your idea, concept or project to be drawn on paper very rapidly. From this document, we can establish a precise file with details and we can give you an estimate of time to be spent on the accomplishment and development of this project.

An investment of 5 to 10 days in this stage can maximize the outcome of the following stages. It controls budgets and lays a good foundation of a successful and cool project.

We are experts in the realms of mobile websites, applications or tablets and other devices with screens. We create professional documents with various tools and get adapted to your constraints. Hundreds of story boards have been accomplished by us since 2006 and they have proved the value of this method.

This first step will leave you nothing to worry about for the rest of the project.

How to proceed?

Pack Story Board Light
It suits the projects with around 10 pages of screens.
It takes 5 to 10 working days for the exchange of ideas and further discussion.
Generally you can find one section with the 2 to 3-page contents of homepage, credits, legal documents.

Pack Story Board Medium
It suits the projects with fewer than 20 pages of screens.
It takes 5 to 10 working days for the exchange of ideas and further discussion.
Besides what is mentioned previously, you can have functions such as my account, research, file list, map and options.

Pack Story Board Max
It suits the projects with around 30 pages of screens.
It takes 15 to 25 working days for the exchange of ideas and further discussion.
Besides all those things mentioned above, you can have all the specific sections according to your business.

For a more detailed storyboard, we will make a specific document for your project, because this document gives you an important and fundamental idea of where the budget line is.


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