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Wayma has launched W! Netwrok Pro, its first independent international network, with a focus on consultation and development of applications on digital mobile devices, tablets and touch screen.

If you have the soul of an entrepreneur, you have always been dreaming about starting your own enterprise and managing your work as you wish, come and join us!

Wayma provides its resellers, distributors all the best facilities, tools, solutions and expertise to meet the needs of their clients’. You sell, we develop and finally accomplish the clients’ projects.

We guide you through the entrance and then you can enjoy the full autonomy of your business!

Apply for your candidacy, make your ideal choice and become an official member of W! Network Pro.

Who is a W! Network Pro agent?

It’s an individual or a business organization who wants to a join a spectacular campaign starting in the year 2006 and now flourishing in every part of this planet. It is a campaign that designs, develops and accomplishes the best concepts and mobile service of today and tomorrow.

It shares all the values and ideas and is ready to join a united team which is adapted to cultural differences and adopts localized practices.
It is to become an expert that specializes in mobile marketing and services.
It is to establish a career with passion in the trend of digital revolution of this world and become a participant of the dramatic change.
It is to meet the success and bring pleasure not only to itself but also to others.

Who can become an agent of W! Network Pro?

With no specific qualification required, any person or organization could be an agent.
People of all nationalities
Freelancer/ Self-employed
Companies and agencies (web agencies or other service providers) already established

The selection criteria are all about the passion, values, work and devotion…There is no special requirement and even if you are a web company or someone working in the line of internet or services, you could be our “natural” candidate.

How does it work?

Your revenues and incomes are directly dependent on the quality of your resources and your commercial potentiality.

According to the agent contract and modifications made to it with your own situation considered, you can get a certain percentage of each project’s fee (excluding taxes) as your income. And the percentage our agents get is higher than most of other agents working in our industry.

In additon to that, Wayma also makes packaging sales available to all of its agents and others, which keeps the large volume sales more simple. You can find in the packaging sales mobile webs, applications for restaurants, hotels, interactive catalogues for presentation of products and other tablet applications for the assistance of sales and so on.

2-3 projects a month are enough to reach financial autonomy which can lead anyone to a more promising future.

userApply for your candidacy, make your ideal choice and become an official member of W! Network Pro.


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